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No Language for Loss – by Ellie Miller Greenberg

NO LANGUAGE FOR LOSS by Ellie Miller Greenberg 8/17/14

[written for Nancy Nowak on the death of her mother, 102 years old, Bernice K. Cohen: 1912-2014]

We have no Language for loss; And every loss is different… Some sudden, Some after long and painful illness, Some too early. Some late in a long life.

Losing a lifelong partner Is different from Losing a mother, Is different from Losing a father, Is different from Losing a child, Is different from Losing a friend, Is different from….

Each loss is unique, Singular, One of a kind, Unlike any other, And each is special.

As each one comes along, I reach out To the one who has lost someone; And every time, I miss the mark… And every time, I feel wanting…. And every time, I have no Language for loss.

This time, I want you to know That I wish I could Heal your hurt, Wipe your tears, Hug you tight, Hold your hand, Make you feel better….

But, I know that We have no Language for loss…. And the best I can do Is tell you That I care And that I hope You will feel better soon…

And, in the meantime, Remember the good parts Of the life you shared And be grateful For all she gave to you…. Your very breath, Your very being, Your very life….

All rights reserved © 2014 Ellie Miller Greenberg

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