Whether you need a keynote speaker for a large corporation or conference, or a presenter for a small workshop, Rachel will bring a terrific presentation with her energetic, down-to-earth style and realistic messages. No audience is too big or too small. 


Rachel is available nationwide as a keynote speaker and presenter at conferences, lunch & learn programs, community, faith or workplace programs, and other organized events. All presentations can be customized to meet the need of the program and participants. Copies of her books can be made available for purchase at each event.

Create your own or chose one of these topics:

Life Transition Issues

  • Embracing Life’s Challenges; The Expected
    and Unexpected*

  • Taking Charge When a Crisis Occurs*

Workplace Challenges

  • Grief and Loss in the 21st Century: What
    Really Happens in the Workplace*

  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Grief,
    Illness and Family Care-giving

  • Creating Compassionate Workplaces

Inspirational & Work/Life Balance

  • Being the CEO of Your Life!*

  • Catching the Curve Ball: Taking Charge when a Crisis Occurs

  • Juggling Work, Home and Family

Grief and Loss

  • For Financial, Legal, Real Estate Professionals: Navigating a Client through Loss

  • Living with Loss One Day at a Time

  • Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time: Sorting Through Personal Possessions

* Most popular